Cadence blues

​Lousy blues within cadence spectrum of realism, sensation and trust Love, beauty en dreams Hope, union en wishes. The loyalty of family En the obedience to parents Casting away frailty from afar As tomorrow is another day. Born to royalty Brethen to culture Accustome in lineage Legacy in vein. The furrows break the marrows from […]

Unseen Pleasure

​ I listen to people say, “you got to move on”, “Don’t be stuck to the past”…yes I know life goes on. Dead people don’t stop us from waking at dawn, from bathing, going to work. We still get a good laugh when a screeching thought is heard, we vent out our anger if our […]

From The Last

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For many times I was quiet But this time my tongues wind with thy pen. Rather not to a skin, yet to a spirit. I hope thou listens even if thee can’t hear. I hope thou at peace even if thee can’t see. The pains held me back before…

Frost from friction

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​Frost from friction When there’s much a do away from care The minut of minutes. The sanctions of season. Leave, it lives..then leans around me. The worst fears I was told is yet to come En the utmost best I believe is still unborn. Creating crumble crisp? Bound and…

If I only I could Tell?

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I kept every date and every moment sacred that I couldn’t find my freedom without them. The seconds of smiles were the happiness, and the shreds of tears brought the joy. Like a stack of straw spread across the innate was consumed by literal pieces of metaphorical voices. How…

To S_meek

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​1. We Love; we live, worshipping not for others but for all that we do, we either do it right or wrong. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2. Life cannot be lived memorably on the love of the materialist.…