The Setting of the Sun

The Sunset.

How can one believe that there is no God. Do you mean everything created itself?

The moon, the sun, the rest of the stars, the galaxy. How possible can that be, that a child is born without a mother?

Have you ever wondered how the rivers flow, on different spaces but never digressing, each following a path that has never changed centuries en centuries again; stretching out to far lands so that all can have a feel of it. Varieties of lake, ocean en sea.

The mountains firm, strong upon the earth; how perfect are they that they don’t shake en crumble us all.

How about yourself, impeccable en faultless; no RAM can come close to the human brain, en no camera can be compared to the human eye.

How about the phalanges of your fingers en toes – holding, moving; who can bisect those flawless arcs on your palms; en the circumference of your eyes.

I guess you maybe too big to see your perfections so look at the animals. No matter how small an ant is it can inflict pain, protect itself, built a home without an architect or engineer not even the human hand can’t come close to creating an anthill. Who inspires the bee? Different honey with various colours en taste.

Look upon the trees, the fruits, en all the seeds – you don’t plant an okra seed then germinate melon. Every season with what it brings forth, as hot or as cold, our body has a way of controlling the temperature not even the thermometer takes the lead.

Have you ever watched the hairs on your skin, they are made to protect you, yet you don’t even notice. En the tiny bits of lashes on your eye lids, the lobes around your ears, how different is the texture beneath your feet – imagine if it was made just like your skin, how would you feel to walk with that?

Every book has an author, a movie has a producer, a machine has a creator, everything we’ve been taught of the past, the preservations of the old was made or done or inspired by someone? Then you, you think you are some kind of chemical mistake. I’m sorry, chemical combination. Even that a scientist has to be behind it.

There are signs
only if
you can understand.


Let’s smile before the sunset
En talk when it’s moonlight
For by night we shall sleep
En who knows if we would see the next dawn.

A Lion in the North Sea: The Battle for Chevron Netherlands

Ridding Tactical Wheels Into An Adventurous Successful Storm


It was October 2013, two years had passed since I had left the family business in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to London, England to start my own oil trading company. My time in the family business, as a director in the telecoms division and upstream oil & gas company was challenging to say the least but engaging and ultimately rewarding. However, I have never felt comfortable with sitting back and getting a golden pass through life. Whilst the easy thing to do was to be a “good boy and good son” and enjoy all the luxuries of being in a family business – I decided that striking it out on my own once again was the best course of action.

I’ve always loved the oil & gas business, like many other Nigerians. However, what I love about the business, particularly the exploration and production (upstream) side, was the mixture of…

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Benefits of the NYSC & BOI Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund.

One of the best things I achieved during my Youth service days was the Graduate Entrepreneurship Training fund (GEF2) sponsored by Bank of Industry and NYSC. I had applied en was glad being selected. I was in North -Central Zone so we were camped at Kubwa for a 5day rigorous mind challenging entrepreneurial training. 9 – 5pm each day.
When we got to the camp, about 200 of us – we went with the mindset of taking back with us a loan of 2-3 million naira with 9% interest which takes effect after 6months of disbursement en our NYSC certificate as collateral. But nay, we were redeemed from this selfish momentary thinking into strategic human models with proposed values and resourcefulness. We were instructed by two of the best consultancy Agency in Nigeria: Prinsult Global Consult and She Leads Africa. We were equipped with various segments for start ups, existing business, limited Liability and Enterprises. We were taught about business model, running a succesful business, writing a bankable business plan and accessing funds; not exempting human resource, creativity en innovation etc.

These instructors are good en kind enough to not only educate us but also exposed us existing platforms for grants like YouWin, TEF en most especially I made the best right thinking friends ever. Those whose dreams en actions are enough to put you to your feet. At the end of the programme it wasn’t a must to apply for the loan, most of us had a change of heart; we went away with the knowledge, experience, a new set of friends, a gift, a certificate en some cash. En less than a year after the training some of those I participated with for GEF2 are millionaires from grants, en also business owners.

My last words are these, you may dislike the NYSC scheme although however resentful you are, it has some good to offer. En presently ongoing is the registration for GEF3 with 0% interest rate. If you have the mindset, give it a try – it’s not about taking the loan, it’s achieving far greater than you could ever pay for en at a time you are youthful en full of hope. This is the age for risk. En if you are thinking about failure, know that it is a step to Winning.


* National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members can apply for their Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund on
The portal will be open till 7th February 2018.
1000 candidates will be shortlisted. *

Kaduna Education: El Rufai

OMG! Imagine your kids teacher with such a writing, a teacher wey no fit spell “fathegetr”, “right”, “angle” or “mother” that wan na teacher? E go school? Teacher wey no know elementary Maths. It’s a shame. Teacher wey no fit express himself, haba! Wetin. Who employ them?

If Banks can retrench staff why not education. There is no need to retrain these people en I refrain from calling them teachers, the resources should rather be channel to employ new staff. There a lot unemployed humans with NCE, BED and so on. People with competence who can perform better.

It’s not easy to teach, en being a teacher equates you to being a mentor, you are an educator, a model, a guardian to those whom you instruct. A teacher has to be a reader; versatile, patient, informed, en inspiring. What will such a person be equated to if he doesn’t even have a basic Knowledge to teach. If a person could write like this then I doubt if that person has a primary certificate.

Education in Nigeria needs reformation, renaissance en recycling en its because of how we have mismanaged the system that’s why opting to be a teacher is often the last option for many ambitious people, en this result to having unbaked individual imparting on children.

There’s a thick line demarcating our educational system today en that of the past, no wonder some elders often remark to the younger ones, “what are they even teaching you in school?”, a lecturer of mine would say, “what have you been reading?” The reading culture is declining. Why e no go decline, when some teachers don’t read, once they have the job that’s all. They come over to the class poor out the text en don’t bother about improving themselves, but rather how to improve their pockets.

My mother till this moment have the texts she read in primary – secondary school of hand – in her memories despite having gone to school for over 3 decades; myself I can’t remember a paragraph in “Agbor goes to school”. We need this process to get to where we want to be. I don’t see what to clamour about when I know there are a lot of people out there who deserve the teaching job more en can do well.

get plenty things to talk, but make I just shut up. The thing be say, teaching no be do or die, if you no know how or wetin to teach, en you no wan learn to improve yaself, abeg save our country, go farm, farming no need abcd or 1234.

Creations and Meaning.

When you were coming into this earth, the Creator never asked you if you are ready to begin to live in it. “Have there not been a time when you were not a thing worth mentioning?”. There was a time you were absolutely non- existing, en atom is better to mention. You were not a being. You were not a life. YOU WERE NOTHING!

So when the Creator takes back or is ready to take back what He made with little or no effort, ” BE, AND IT IS” you expect to be asked if you are ready to go? Really! Nay. How does that make sense from the first creation. You were made you, you were created you. You didn’t create yourself en you NEVER CAN! The beginning en the end – is unknown to man.

Do what you can en stop complaining or asking “Why”. Living beings are LIQUID, SOLID plus GASEOUS made;
1. the moment the gas expires, it goes out, then up (I don’t know the destination). It is the soul itself, that which makes you a living status.
2. The liquid starts getting sour, it overflows en create worms internally (the worst odour the nostrils can perceive).
3. the solid is sent back to the soil which magnifies it into an earthly compound. The internal worms multiplies en eat up all of the skin, what is left after two weeks is a tissue like substance in form of brown leather (light, transparent).

You are far gone! Even the earth doesn’t save your skin from perishing. The ribcage, the skulls, the femur, humerus, phalanges, scapula and so on. In years they begin to decay en they are earthly insects that also consume your bones en what is left of the person you thought was you, is the coccyx (positioned beneath the backbone).

Have you ever thought about this? The One who created you, created you for a purpose. You are not more than a vulnerable entity that must expire. Don’t be Harsh to the earth that will one day consume you, en don’t be weak to do the things that will one day be your only companion. A man is made by a number of days.

Youthful Exuberance

The life of the 21st century youth is amazing. What are we thinking? What are really after. What greater aim or purpose do we garner from our striving social catastrophe. Ask a lady who’s 25 years old about her relationship she’d say she had had 4 ex boyfriends en some other relationships that weren’t serious, she’s lost the numbers. Approximately she has swallowed the saliva of 6 guys let’s say the apparent activities. (In my head, I cannot imagine a person having had 6 relationships with fairness to his/her skin; this six (6) girls/boys are different humans with virtually separate aims en brains). What about them, the ex, she will say “if we break up, we don’t talk”, “I don’t know you, once I see you, we greet, that’s all”. It’s inhumane for a person to once be the best in your world en then turn out to be no one – non existing. Why, because he/she hurt your feeling yadda yadda. Relationships “This boyfriend/girlfriend performance it’s just a show, it’s below the list of life necessities. We are actually very crazy, the media, music, technology, the western influence has affected our psyche.

We are living a life of sex, drugs, rock en roll. En we’ve driven this madness into our hearts that it has consummated an illusion structured to a vision – how we see people, how we should treat them. You will see a girl en a boy more absorb than a married couple, the best couple of year, yet after 6 months they are done. Then another, en another. Until they turn 30, en they are finding that perfect spouse. Life starts spinning like a roller coaster. I hear people say “Be friends with my ex, I rather swallow the vomit of a dog”, The same dog you loved, the same dog’s saliva you swallowed. It’s hard for me to see how people say I don’t talk to my ex, or this en that. It doesn’t matter. They may not be so beautiful to you today as they were before but don’t deny their existence. Life is short, you can never erase any part of your life, if you really claim to have moved on then act like human beings – say hello, en tell them how stupid they are, laugh over it en move on – that’s humanity. En I am saying it now, don’t allow the youthful exuberance cloud your modest existence. Ask your elders about their mistakes en you’d realise that their worst actions is an elixir compared to the sort of fertile fallacy you exalt in today; the words of Brian Sher, “Yesterday’s world records are today’s qualifying terms.”


How many relationships en how many times you get broken is not the core. But how you keep a relationship with people despite your differences or hurt is what matter. This ex of a thing is not like a friend whom you so trusted en he murdered your child, or a business partner who took absolutely everything from you (this is family en money). This ex is someone you once loved despite his/her flaws. The ironical attitude today is that what seem to be significant has less worth en that which is trivial attains invaluable cost. Relationships are hyped en have become glorified that we strive hard to keep them, we spend on girls, call them, text them, be with them; en when we are married we don’t even pay attention to our wives when they groan from pregnancy pain, we complain for they nag too much, we can’t even help with a simple chore. That’s why, our marriages fail, en our relationships grow. Half a decade, we are bored for we’ve had a perfect wedding even before the dowry was taken.

The painful aspect from my point is not even the person, or the spending; it’s the time you’ve given up exhilarated in a void. Let’s be truthful to ourselves you cannot have a life you never strive for. No one is asking you to be a saint but you can be better. You can be cute than an asshole en you can be sexier than a bitch. You mustn’t wait to be 30 before you start a life or acquit yourself because what we often dream of as tomorrow is actually a continuous presence of the same being, there’s no interface which demarcates our deeds. The time shouldn’t arrive before we act, we should think about tomorrow even before it’s began.

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