the Man who wouldn’t change my skin

The kind of man that accepts that I am skiny en not try to change my skin. The one that worships better than I do. The one whom will hold the candles while I read. The one who will allow me to be insane. The one in whom each second I feel like I am […]

Early Fear

The obsessive fears I get towards blind en mad people. Mr Danfulani, my biology teacher in SS2 told us a story about a mad man loitering around a particular area in Bida, he usually has mucus, saliva running through his nose en mouth. One day, there was a queue at that point, so a girl […]

The Rock with a Face

The Rock with a face. How would I forget having connected it with a book. My father bought two story books, one for Faruk en I, the other for Danjuma en Hauwa. Theirs seems to be more interesting than ours, I got an exciting read. It was “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. In the […]

The Guests

Once upon a time, the space was so wide that I had a tens of uninvited, stamping their feet on the sacred mat where my head bow, filling their belly to the desert, pudding en juice. As they consumed uncontrollable when they are not questioned about any penny for they know that their sweat was […]

Cadence blues

​Lousy blues within cadence spectrum of realism, sensation and trust Love, beauty en dreams Hope, union en wishes. The loyalty of family En the obedience to parents Casting away frailty from afar As tomorrow is another day. Born to royalty Brethen to culture Accustome in lineage Legacy in vein. The furrows break the marrows from […]

Unseen Pleasure

​ I listen to people say, “you got to move on”, “Don’t be stuck to the past”…yes I know life goes on. Dead people don’t stop us from waking at dawn, from bathing, going to work. We still get a good laugh when a screeching thought is heard, we vent out our anger if our […]